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About Who We Are

  • What is Econody?

    Econody is a group of individuals and early enthusiasts of blockchain space. Our mission is to connect companies, organizations and governments to blockchain infrastructure platforms through partnerships and communication. Our goal is not only to accompany large organizations and governments, but also individuals who want to participate, invest and be part of ever expanding global network.

  • Why does market need Econody?

    What Econody tackles is equilibrium between marketing and communication for blockchain infrastructure companies. As an example, we think that even if blockchain platform or project is rightly addressed through marketing, it does not mean it can work as a connection mechanism to reach the right adopter. In short we help to connect, assess and create a solutions for both sides to reach the goal of successful adaption.

  • Who are the Econody team?

    Econody’s team is small but effective. While our strength lays in connections and goodwill to bring new technologies for the world, we overwhelmingly believe in concept of ‘Trust’ that blockchain technology can bring. It is great to be part of this evolving endeavor.

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